How to make your bathroom look bigger.

When you have a small space to make your bathroom or to create an additional bathroom for example in a storage room, you should know that there are several tricks to make it look larger. The main problem is to balance functionality and aesthetics.

The first step is to identify the style you want to apply in the design, then depending on whether the bathroom is square or rectangular you can proceed to arrange the future layout of the sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet and possibly the shower stall.

If your purpose is to create a guest bathroom usually tends not to install the shower stall and bidet that in addition to occupying considerable space would be of little use.


Certainly it is essential to light the bathroom as much as possible. 

Of course, the more light there is, whether natural or artificial, the bigger the space will seem. Also with regard to lighting, the choice of floor and wall covering will be crucial. Always choose tiles that are clear and bright,

In addition to classic white wall tiles you could opt for more aesthetic wall tiles such as a light marble effect ( such as Exigo and Marvel Shine Atlas Concorde and Rondine Ceramiche’s Canova collection)  or a sand or ivory stone effect (such as Atlas Concorde’s Boost Natural collection) that will make your bathroom look very elegant and contemporary.

Resin and wallpaper effects with muted colors are also perfect, some examples are the new aplomb collection from atlas Concorde or the Glow and Projet line of wall coverings from Paul&Co, they lend themselves to small spaces thanks to the light, soft tones that do not weigh down the walls and give a touch of simplicity and elegance.

As for the floor, the same rule applies as for the wall tiles; dark floors will cancel out the lighting and make your bathroom look darker and more enclosed. An ‘excellent way is to install a light wood effect floor such as Atlas concorde’s Heartwood Malt. The wood effect will give naturalness and simplicity to the room, and the light shade will make it brighter.

Alternatively in case you should choose marble-effect wall tiles you can opt for floor tiles of the same effect to give a sense of continuity between wall and floor and further illuminate the space, as well as giving a more luxurious touch.


Suspended sanitary fixtures are able to greatly lighten the wall and at the same time to give an extra touch of modernity as well as greatly facilitate  cleaning.


When you have limited space, it is appropriate to choose a shower instead of a bathtub; the shower will give more visual space vertically and will take up less square footage. An excellent choice is to salad a walk-in shower made of clear glass, which in addition to being very modern will be cheaper than a shower stall

In addition, it is appropriate to choose a shower tray flush with the floor in addition to being a strongly aesthetic choice will give continuity to the floor and therefore increase the space.


Last and not least, the bathroom furniture. Of course, bulky and dark furniture is not recommended. It may be a choice that goes against the convenience of having extra space to arrange one’s things but aesthetically it will be the best thing. Console bathroom cabinets are back in trend these days; they fit virtually every bathroom style and are super modern and functional. Alternatively, we recommend you look at shelves with countertop sinks or otherwise bathroom furniture with smaller dimensions and lighter colors such as in light wood or white.

Another tip is to install large mirrors so that light is reflected throughout the room.


Finally, to create more space, do not underestimate the niches for objects that can be made, for example, inside the shower or above the bathroom fixtures. These in addition to being aesthetically beautiful and distinctive will create support spaces that are certainly useful and not heavy.

Grey wall tile

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